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Campus Common Condo Beauty Price Reduced!

In Uncategorized on November 28, 2017 at 6:37 pm

Hey!  Both the purchase price and the HOA fees have been reduced on this awesome home next to the American River Bike and Hiking Trails and close to Sac State.  Take a look  Branded Tour

Buying a Home in Sacramento Ain’t What It Used To Be

In Uncategorized on November 21, 2017 at 12:51 pm

Not so long ago, we spent months helping a buyer find just the right home.  There were so many to see!  Our buyers went from home to home searching for the “just right” place.  Some were too big and some were too small.  Some were too new and some were too old.  Some were too close in and some were too far out.  Some had too much granite and some did not have enough!

While we still help our buyers find the “just right” place, in Sacramento there are not as many to choose from.  Or so they say.

In the last week, we have helped three of our buyers find perfect places!  The homes are still out there people!  We can help you find them!  We have heard people around Sacramento say, “I think I’ll wait until the market changes.”  “I think I’ll just rent for awhile longer until there are more houses available.”  “I think I’ll wait for interest rates to go down.”

We tell them: Number 1–the market is constantly changing, will you wait the rest of your life?  Number 2–if you are renting, you are buying a property for your landlord!  Number 3–interest rates are super low right now, what’s to wait for?

The houses are out there for buyers.  Don’t be too scared.  Don’t be so cautious that you lose out on a great place.  Don’t be so intimidated by the whole real estate “market.”  We can remove the scary parts of a home purchase (or selling).  We have the courage to make a deal for you and we know how to do it.  We are not afraid of the market; we deal with it every day.  Let us help you buy or sell a home in the greater Sacramento area; we can do it!

And right now, take a look at 1653 University Avenue right here on our website.  Just click on the address at the top of the page.  It is “just right.”