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Sacramento Parks for Two-Year Olds

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My grandson and I look for great parks in Sacramento. That means, parks with playgrounds! “I want to go to the playground!” is the theme of every morning.

As a result, we have visited many of the parks in Sacramento and have our favorites.

What makes a park a favorite?

Here are 4 things we look for in a great park:
1. The playground is designed for children from one to ten, usually with a little kids’ play set and a bigger kids’ play set.
2. The playground is fenced and gated and is away from traffic noise.
3. The grounds are clean and tidy.
4. There is a restroom nearby.

One of our favorite parks is East Portal Park. The grounds around the fenced and gated playground are wonderful! Huge trees surround emerald grass that covers hills and dales. A two-year-old can run here and be lost in his imagination of being free in the world. Picnic tables are set among the trees, the space is quiet and serene. In the playground itself, which is next to a dog park and restrooms and drinking fountain, the play set is just right for all ages. A sand box and swings for big and little kids are favorites. We go early in the morning when the whole place is quiet and peaceful. Only the birds and a single woodpecker enliven the scene. Some times there is a man cleaning the bocce ball grounds with a quiet rake. Soon, more children and parents begin arriving and everyone climbs, plays, laughs, digs in the sand, swings, and slides to their hearts content.

As time goes by, we will review other parks in Sacramento and give you our best opinion on how good they are for visiting two-year-olds.