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Hundreds of Egrets

In blogPost, forFront on August 17, 2013 at 10:26 pm

Today, while walking our dogs out along the bypass, we came upon hundreds of egrets gathered around Lake Washington.  These pure white herons are usually not as large as the grey herons that, in solitary watchfulness, wait along the water’s edge.

But, they are certainly more dramatic.  Their gracefully curving neck, their arching wingspan, and their steady, level heads make them spellbinding to watch.  We saw them today in huge numbers wading, stalking, watching, taking off, sailing, and landing in trees and water.  What a treat to come upon this splash of pure white in the early morning slant of sunrise over the still waters of the lake.

The Sacramento region supports thousands of different kinds of birds.  The rice fields out along the bypass make a perfect home for water birds, songbirds, hunting birds, and hunted birds.  Every day there is a different treat of sight and sound.

I wonder if they will be there again tomorrow?