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Wieland Realty has a new flyer!

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Do you know the right moves?

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Do you really know how to move?

Moving is not easy. It sounds good when the idea first comes up and you start

dreaming of a new place and how wonderful it will be.

But, right at first, you don’t think about what it will actually take to move from where you

have stored up all your stuff for some time to a new place that you vow to keep

magazine perfect.

Recently, I agreed to help some relatives get their house ready to put on the market.

They wanted to move to a new, wonderful place, a place unlike the one where they had

kept all of their stuff for several years.

I keep mentioning stuff because handling the stuff is a huge part of the moving process

and a huge part of the putting-the-home-on-the-market process.

First, there is the yard stuff. If you have a yard, you have to decide what needs to be

done with the trees, bushes, plants, and grass. You need to take a second look at the

paint trim, the fence, the potted plants, the yard furniture. You need to find a home for

all of the various yard tools you have purchased over the years. Then, you have to

spend a week or two getting the yard to look neat, pretty, and inviting. That’s no small


Second, you have to go through all your stuff room by room and decide that certain

things really will not be going to your new, wonderful home. You have to get a bunch of

boxes and start filling certain ones to go to a charity, others to go to recycling, some to

go to the dump, and some, just some, to go into storage until your new, wonderful home

is ready.

At the same time, you have to clean. Yes, even though you may think your house is

fairly clean, it will not look clean enough for the buyers to walk through. You will have to

wash windows both inside and out! That, alone, can take a while. You need to vacuum

and shampoo the carpets, You’ll have to clean the oven. All of the door trim in the

entire house is covered with dirty finger and dog prints. How did that happen? Every

cupboard in the kitchen, bath, hallway, pantry, and so forth will have to be cleaned out

and washed down before rearranging the stuff like they do in the magazines.

As you clean, you will notice that the furniture needs to be rearranged and each room

will need a few new accessories to make it look just right. You will purchase a mirror

here, a plant there, a framed print for that wall, and new area rug and a new lamp. Of

course, you make sure that all of these will be going with you to your new, wonderful


The point, of course, of all this bustle is for two main reasons: one, people will be

walking through and judging your old house (and you think that means they will secretly

be judging you too) and two, the Realtor® is coming to take pictures for the listing. All of

the stuff needs to look just right.

What can you do to get through all this so you can move into your new, wonderful

house? First, meet with your Realtor®. Many Realtors®, such as those at Wieland

Realty, are experienced in home remodeling, redecorating, and staging. Wieland Realty

Realtors® can walk around your property with you and make specific suggestions to

help you get your property ready to list for sale. We even provide a checklist for you to

make the job manageable. And, we will even tell you which jobs you can leave off your


Call Wieland Realty today and we’ll help you get started with getting your home ready

for sale so you can move into your new, wonderful home.