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It Does Not Snow in Sacramento, but …

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The weather makes Sacramento a great place to live.

It does not snow.  But, you can get to the snow in about an hour’s drive.

Sacramento does not have hurricanes.  But, there are enough good storms each year to prevent boredom.

Sacramento does not have earthquakes.  But, slight tremblers every once in awhile give us bragging rights.

Sacramento does not have volcanoes.  But, we can see them in the distance on a clear day.

Sacramento does not have tsunamis.  But, we can be in a tsunami warning zone in a day’s drive.

Sacramento does not have high humidity.  But, in a few hours we can be in the most impressive ancient old-growth temperate rain forests on earth.

Sacramento does not have sand storms.  But, in the unlikely event we would want to experience one, we can be in Bakersfield in about four hours.

In some years, Sacramento will have a sprinkling of thunderstorms, lightening storms, tiny tornadoes, mini hail stones–you know, just enough to keep it interesting.

It can get hot in the summer, but most years have fewer than five days over 100 degrees.  Of course, the rivers can cool you off during the day and it always, always cools off at night with the delta breezes coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can get a few frosty days in the winter, but you will seldom lose an avocado tree.

Sacramento is warm, sunny, and dry from about April to November.  The rainy season runs from November to April and is sprinkled with deck-sitting warm days.

The weather is one of the main reasons that people love living in Sacramento.  Come check it out.  You will want to live here.

Eat Right Sacramento Kitchen Pantry

In blogPost, forFront on January 6, 2012 at 2:29 pm

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I don’t know about you, but I always think about getting on the right track with eating (and a little with exercising) this time of year.

I resolve, like so many other Sacramentans to eat right from now on!

It seems to me that “if you don’t bring it into your kitchen, you can’t eat it” should work pretty well.  After all, if there is a bag of sour cream potato chips just sitting there, what’s a girl to do?

About this time of year I decide that my kitchen will be stocked with nothing but good, healthy food so that I can eat whatever I want, as long as it is in the kitchen.  And in Sacramento, this should be easy to accomplish.  After all, the Sacramento Valley is the food basket of the world just about.  We have access to just about anything we could possibly want at just about any time of year.

Between Sacramento’s twelve (12!) certified farmers’ markets, local farm stands, and awesome grocery stores around the Sacramento area, we have no excuse for not having the best-stocked pantry anywhere!

So, I have been on a quest to make the definitive list of what should be in my Sacramento kitchen.  Yesterday I came across an article that gives me a really good start.  Here are the beginnings of the Eat Right Sacramento Kitchen Pantry, my list of what to have in my Sacramento kitchen.

  1. Whole-grain bread such as whole wheat, rye, and oat.  (I’ll just keep a little San Luis Sour Dough on hand for special treats!)
  2. Salmon, tuna, a little bacon from the German sausage shop on Franklin Boulevard, Morant’s, and a little chicken.
  3. Plain, low-fat yogurt.  I really like the fruit-flavored Lit N Fit yogurt but it has a lot of sugar in it.  Besides, I can add fresh or frozen fruit to plain yogurt and the best thing is I can use plain yogurt in place of sour cream!
  4. Non-fat milk.
  5. Olive oil and a little real butter.
  6. ALL kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables.  You name it, stock it.  Also, frozen fruits and vegetables as backup.
  7. Eggs.  Millions of uses.
  8. Spinach, fresh and frozen.  Millions of uses.
  9. Nuts.  Walnuts, pecans, and almonds.  YES!
  10. Beans.  Make a pot of beans every week and you will never be hungry.
  11. Marinara sauce or ingredients.  Easy to make, versatile, good for you.
  12. Fresh herbs.  Buy a little at a time and use them up.  Or, grow your own–easy in Sacramento.

I will continue to add to my list as time goes by, but right now I’m off to Smart and Final for the basics.